Best Christmas Album Ever..

Written by Scott

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This evening am listening to my favorite Christmas album: Trans Siberian Orchestra’s Christmas Eve and Other Stories.

For those who haven’t heard of them, TSO is a group of musicians not out of Siberia (since nothing gets out of Siberia) but right here in the U.S. Their focus is not producing just music, but more specifically, rock operas. Their multiple Christmas albums each tell a story, with this particular one being about an angel sent on a mission to find something that best represents the spirit of Christmas.

Throughout the mix of rock and orchestral arrangements you’ll hear tidbits of holiday standards, including songs from the Nutcracker. The arrangements are amazing, vocals wonderful, lyrics incredible, the story heart-wrenching and inspiring, and because it’s important to me: the mixing of the tracks: perfect.

But even all that pales to seeing them live–they do a tour each Christmas season, and a few years back we saw them. It’s all that and more…especially the light sequencing. If you ever get a chance, do not miss it!