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Wednesday I get an email from one of the editors of the Business Examiner (“…the only publication dedicated exclusively to the South Sound business community, emphasizing material of interest and impact to local business owners, executives, and managers. Contents include matters of public record that relate to business readers, profiles of businesses and their operators, analysis of trends and emerging economic issues, and reports on techniques and tools people can use on the job.”). It’s a big deal in the south Sound business community…I’ve read for years.

Turns out I’d been selected to participate in a feature called “Executive Spotlight”. Basically, an article about, well, me…how I came into the industry, my company, my background, etc.

I immediately responded from my phone that I’d return the interview questions later that day once I returned. Was emailed back by the editor within a few minutes. Responded to the questions later that day, and mentioned it to a client. Turns out that they’d recently spoken to this same editor recently, and suggested their office for the photo shoot.

We met this morning for the photo shoot. Should be some good pics, I think…she took some that I think will have some good depth-of-field effects.

The cools things about this are:
1. Free advertising. Always good.
2. I just went full-time with my biz last month, so the timing is wonderful!
3. Will make it known to former clients without the appearance of soliciting…always a good thing when dealing with former employers.
4. Turns out that the issue this will be in is the most read one because of a particular insert they have, called The Book of Lists, which details directories and lists of businesses in the area.
5. Published December 22nd…nice little Christmas present.

Hope to get an advance copy of the article beforehand, and if I can get permission, post it. If not, will try to get permission to repost on that date!

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  1. God certainly has the best plans and timing 🙂 Congratulations!

  2. Deb says:

    This rocks, Scott!