Huh? That Adds to the Argument How?

Written by Scott

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I posted an item on Facebook about the Global Warming Scare in which scientists were cited as being critical of how an Associated Press article further added to the hysteria. As linked above, the story I cited was as published by

Someone commented on the item. Not the content, mind you, but the source. That Fox is SO biased. I simply replied that it’s just in comparison to the other mainstream media being so unswervingly liberal.

The reply to that caught me off guard, though it shouldn’t have. In part, it was this (paraphrased, because I’d deleted the comment after copying to the clipboard, but then when I went to link to the above story, I, um, copied that link…it’s late): Trust me, Fox is NOT good journalism. BTW, I studied journalism in my film studies.

1. The content was still not addressed.
2. The comparison to other MSM was not addressed, just more Fox bashing.
3. What does that last statement have to do with ANYTHING? I studied theology…that doesn’t make me God.
4. Even if that had some bearing, he refuted it himself by not objectively addressing either the content or how it was delivered. May have studied journalism, but doesn’t mean he knows how to write or report. Oh, wait, that is JUST LIKE MSM.


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  1. Ummm…what? Did he study logic in film school too? I think not.