It’s Sammy’s Birthday!

Written by Scott

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Seven years ago this day, at 11:30pm–just in time to take the tax deduction, Samuel Isaac came into our lives. And true to the meaning of his name, Sammy has been a God-given gift to us, and brings a lot of laughter into our lives. He’s taught us patience and showed us that with hard work and perseverance that difficulties can be overcome. And that quoting favorite movies line by line isn’t just something Daddy does with The Princess Bride. And that logic definitely is something taught, not necessarily innate. For all of that and so much more, we love you little man!

Sammy, you and Daddy….well, we’re both getting older. So to that, we say (click on pic to enlarge if you can’t tell what we are doing):

PS Sammy LOVES geography…so if you could leave a comment that includes where you are (city, state) he would really love looking that up!

PS Current map of Sammy’s Bday greetings, updated throughout the rest of the day.

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  1. Chris says:

    Happy Birthday, Sammy! From the Bassetts, Chris, Cheri, Caitlin, Juli, Hunter and Jadinin Bonney Lake, Washington

  2. abelara says:

    Happy Birthday Sammy!from the Laras503 Concord AveGrandview, WA 98930

  3. Traber says:

    Hey Sammy, happy birthday to a great 7 year-old!from Traber, Linda, Olivia, Hailey (who is also 7) and Rylan in Craig, Colorado.

  4. Happy Birthday Sammy!Tiffany SelfAurora, IL

  5. Klaudia C says:

    Happy birthday little man! What kind of cake are we having tonight? (hoping it's chocolate ice-cream!!!) ;-)KlaudiaGig Harbor, WAoriginally Wieliczka, Poland

  6. Meaghers says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAMMY! Lucky "7"I have a son who is 7 also, we live in Idaho Falls, Idaho.~potato state they say~ ??Your dad lived here before.. by the way, Sam is my favorite name! Today is YOUR day..all day, so have a wonderful time! From friends in Idaho,Sheri, Bronsyn, Victoria and Mitch

  7. Christine says:

    HAPPY 7th BIRTHDAY SAMMY!!~The YoungsLincoln, Ca

  8. Deb says:

    Happy Birthday Samuel!From Eli, Brynna, Deb, and Rick.University Place, WA

  9. Paula Brett says:

    Hi SammyA very happy birthday to you, little one.I'm sending you wishes all the way from London, in England – take a look at the map and you might see me waving to you ;-)I have a little boy who is going to be 7 in the summer – he's just like you and can curl his tongue right round, like you're doing in that photo.Take care, Sammy, and have loads of fun in 2009Paula x

  10. hkremer says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! There will always be a party for your day! 🙂 You've got a great dad, make sure he knows it 😉

  11. Billliegirl says:

    Happy Birthday Sammy! Are you going to stay up until midnight?StephanieBellingham

  12. Happy Birthday Sammy!From LarrySnellville, GA

  13. Cassandra says:

    Happy Birthday Sammy !Hope you get everything You wished for.Love FromCassandraDenmark.

  14. Glen says:

    You're probably in bed by now because it's 3AM where you live. 🙂 But I hope that you had a HAPPY BIRTHDAY yesterday and had lots of fun!Glen, Dana, Ben & NathanBrussels, Belgium

  15. caryn says:

    happy birthday sammy!! my oldest son turned 7 this summer and he says it's great!! hope you have a great day and tell your dad that you are king for the day!caryn brown(and michael, lee, and ed, too!!)waco, texas (deep in the heart of texas)

  16. Veronica says:

    Happy Birthday Sammy!I'm living in the state of Queensland, Australia! Around your birthday it's really hot here- almost 36 degrees c today! Keep up the geography and I hope you had a great birthday,From Veronica M of Brisbane, Australia