It’s Sammy’s Birthday!

Written by Scott

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Seven years ago this day, at 11:30pm–just in time to take the tax deduction, Samuel Isaac came into our lives. And true to the meaning of his name, Sammy has been a God-given gift to us, and brings a lot of laughter into our lives. He’s taught us patience and showed us that with hard work and perseverance that difficulties can be overcome. And that quoting favorite movies line by line isn’t just something Daddy does with The Princess Bride. And that logic definitely is something taught, not necessarily innate. For all of that and so much more, we love you little man!

Sammy, you and Daddy….well, we’re both getting older. So to that, we say (click on pic to enlarge if you can’t tell what we are doing):

PS Sammy LOVES geography…so if you could leave a comment that includes where you are (city, state) he would really love looking that up!

PS Current map of Sammy’s Bday greetings, updated throughout the rest of the day.