Meme: 7 Random Things About Me

Written by Scott

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I was tagged by Giovanna Garcia of Imperfect Action to participate in this meme. (By the way, you must check out her post and more importantly her story–it’s fascinating.) For those unfamiliar with the term meme, think of it like a themed game of online tag…I’ve been tagged, I write a post, then tag 7 others in this case.

So, without too much or further ado, my 7 random things…and random they are:
1. Was born in Hartford, CT but grew in MT.
2. I think Robert Duvall is the best actor. Ever. And I dislike with everything in my being the solitary character that Kevin Costner plays in his movies.
3. I’ve lived in CT, MT, FL, ID, and WA.
4. If I lived anywhere else other than the US, I’d live in Mexico. Not the resort-type areas…the real Mexico.
5. I once got a letter from AT&T; Broadband (circa 2000) to stop accessing other folks’ computers. Really have no idea what that was about (cough, cough).
6. I once rode in a Thunderbird Supercoupe that did 140mph on a freeway in ID. Felt like we were barely going 70. Scary.
7. I’ve delivered all 3 of our kids. And LOVED it…

So, to tag…and nearly as random as the facts about me:
Christine (From Dates to Diapers), Tabitha (Pink Elephant Pundit), TooManyHats, Pastor Chris, Miss A (Confessions from the Couch), Shannon (PHAT Mommy), and DW (Homeschool Distractions).

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  1. You got me! Okay, check it out

  2. That is awesome! I love that AT&T; sent you a letter. I have never know anyone that got the LETTER! You made me really LOL :-D140Mph!? I done 128Mph in a BMW, and I felt like such a 'Bad Girl' Of couse don't tell my son Dylan (good thing his is only 10 months old)Great to get to know more about you 🙂 Thanks for sharing.Giovanna Garcia

  3. Miss Teacha says:

    delivered all of your kids? Are you crazy, man?. . . doesn't that give you nightmares?I completed mine! Check it out when you get a chance.