An Historic Day…

Written by Scott

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Today the United States will inaugurate our first African-American President. For that, I am proud.

But I am also a bit cynical.

We are also inaugurating the first President-elect that rather than hold to the precedent of being in the background between Election Day and the Inauguration, has instead decided to co-opt the presidency, while continuing to repeat an empty mantra of “there is only one President at a time”.

We are also inaugurating the first President-elect who has not only been already polled, but whose poll numbers are being touted by the media. And he has yet to perform any duties as President.

I am a bit cynical.

But I am also hopeful. Hopeful that my cynicism can be dissipated by real bipartisan action, not talk, and that Obama can come even remotely close to the media’s portrayal of him.

Only time will tell.

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  1. It has never been about Obama's performance, only his image. A triumph of style over substance. I will pray for him, but not for the success of his current policies, as they will lead to our downfall as a nation. I will pray that God reaches him with compassion for the unborn, justice for the nation and righteousness in regard to sin. I, too, am a bit cynical, though I rejoice with my fellow, black citizens to see that another hurdle is overcome and that issues of race may yet be set aside in our troubled racial past.