Sorry for not posting sooner, but I’ve been stuck…

Written by Scott

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..not in the snow that we had just before, during, and after Christmas.

…not deep in thought and unable to articulate it in words other than “ummmm….yeah”.

…no, I’ve been stuck deep inside the 80’s. Yes, that decade so long ago, that decade of seeming decadence and wealth (if you believe the pundits), that decade of often loud but varied music.

Let me explain. No, there is too much, let me sum up (if you know that paraphrase, you too may be stuck in the 80’s): there’s been a ton of us from high school that have gotten together on Facebook on the 6-month eve of our 20-year reunion, with more and more coming on each day. We’ve been catching up, reminiscing, and posting really bad, really embarrassing pictures.

So, between doing some work, doing some positioning of the company in the Microsoft Partner website, and correcting some major SEO issues with the other website (which should actually show up in Google indexes soon), the blogging has been in my head, yet not here in writing.

But it has given some inspiration, and I’m not talking about the Chicago song. (Bonus points for that reference). So hold on…I’m going to be taking you on some of the journeys together. Unfortunately, Steve Perry’s not with us. (super bonus points!)

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