Destroyer of Worlds…

Written by Scott

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Sorry for not posting recently. I’ve been busy destroying the planet.

It’s not like we didn’t see this coming.

The PC Movement was about language control. They’d like you to think it’s about fairness and not being non-offensive, but it’s ultimately about thought control.

The Algore/Global Warming/Climate Change Movement is about control as well. They’d like you to think it’s about the environment, but that’s really secondary, if that. The movement is no less a political one than Communism or Fascism…political control, economic control, and now rears the unmistakable ugly head of population control.

If this becomes one of the new mantras of the movement, we will see increased funding for abortion as well as movement toward penalizing those of us who have more than the number of kiddos “deemed” responsible. This will, by design, cause increases in the use of abortion as people try to avoid those penalties. (One of the most immediate policies in the US could simply be in ratcheting down the tax deductions allowed for more than 2 children…watch for it).

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