Obama’s Obsession

Written by Scott

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The President has a problem. Perhaps you may not have noticed, so let’s review:

Throughout the election campaign: invokes Lincoln at virtually every chance.

Nov 4th: In his acceptance speech, he quotes Lincoln.

Nov 16th: In letter to Illinois citizens resigning his Senate seat, he quotes Lincoln.

Jan 10th: President-elect Obama and family visits Lincoln memorial.

Jan 19th: President-elect arrives via train from Philadelphia, using the exact route Lincoln used for his inauguration. Holds rally at the Lincoln memorial.

Jan 20th: President Obama sworn in using the same Bible Lincoln used. Obama’s inaugural theme, “A New Birth of Freedom,” was inspired by Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address. The inaugural luncheon modeled after the same food as Lincoln’s.

Seem weird enough yet?

The problem with the comparison is that it is utterly false. It is pure bunk.

Lincoln, first off, was a Republican. He was almost completely self-educated, with the exception of a few years in a one-room schoolhouse. He was not an eloquent speaker. And most importantly, despite guiding the Union through the Civil War in victory, was not a popular president. It was only decades later that people saw his presidency for what it was.

Obama wants the comparison only for the positives, and without any of the pain, sacrifices, or hardship. He’s educated, he’s eloquent, and he’s slick…none of which were traits of Lincoln.

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  1. Luke says:

    [probably too political for my taste, but…]Could it be that he is resonating with Lincoln's inability to do anything successfully prior to becoming President?[snicker] ~Luke

  2. Miss Teacha says:

    I think he's trying to make a comparison for the things that Lincoln was: down-home; bi-partisan, controversial, . . . Personally, I don't care for lincoln he was an opportunist. . . everyone celebrates him for ending the war, but the war was caused by his election. . . everyone celebrates him for ending slavery. . reality was all he cared about was preservation of the union. . . a union that was hypocritical anyway. . don't get me started. . .And lets stop pretending that mccain could do a much better job, anyway, b/c he's republican and ooooh, the great republicans economic policies can solve this mess or morality can solve the problems. . .. . .no one can do much with the way things are in country. Let's be real, we've lost all moral standing/ground and its impacting everything else like puss. . . just my opinion . . .

  3. KlaudiaC says:

    They're both tall. End of comparison.

  4. Dusty says:

    The Republican party was Progressive back then.