5 Things to Ensure I Will Not Follow You on Twitter

Written by Scott

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Self-Explanatory. Plus, well, I just realized it is after 11pm, so no witty intro or seque to this post…

1. Write nothing in your bio. Simple enough: the less I have to go by in judging whether you are someone I may have an interest in following, the better.

2. Use the following words or phrases: SEO, Internet Marketing, Internet expert, or anything guru. From my perspective, those are descriptors completely devoid of meaning. What do you really do? What do you like? Who are you?

3. Don’t have an avatar. Unless your name is Tiffany, you live near Chicago, and I can tease you mercilessly for weeks about it because I do know you, it is highly unlikely I will follow. Hi Tiff!

4. Have relatively no followers in relation to the number you are following. Simply is a sign that you are a “marketer” of some sorts, and social media, to you, is a one-way street. Unless you are Shaq. He’s the exception, because he actually does respond to his followers rather than spew spammy tweets.

5. And my personal favorite: frequently announce something to the effect of: if you don’t follow me, I’m going to unfollow you. Seriously, just move along. Or, perhaps…oh, tweet something that might be intriguing, interesting, or even nice.

If, however, none of these apply to you, find and follow me! @scotters

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