A Narrow-Minded Bigot…

Written by Scott

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A few days ago, a Facebook “friend” (someone I knew from high school) put up a button that said something to the effect of “Stop Using Jesus As An Excuse For Being A Narrow Minded Bigot”.

I admit….it bugged me on a couple of different levels. But my reply was along the lines of:
Isn’t saying such a thing itself narrow-minded and bigoted? Granted, there may be some that are and who call themselves believers, but there are many who are bigoted and narrow-minded who are not.

No reply.

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2 Comments For This Post I'd Love to Hear Yours!

  1. Luke says:

    I've been working on a response to a similar sentiment… but it's taken a long time to write and I need several more hours to finish it. Responding to such things is rarely easy. ~Luke

  2. Naarski (the Mrs.) says:

    I have a friend who frequently makes comments about Christians beng rednecked bigots (trying to offend rednecks and Christians in one swoop?). I'd ask her if she thought I was a bigot. She'd say no and that I was probably an exception. I asked her if she had any friends besides me who were Christian. She had MANY friends who were Christian with various degrees of Bible thumping, but none of them were closed minded like all the rest of the Christians. When I would tell her that my family and circle of Christian friends are not bigots, of course we were exceptions to the rule. Now, who is the bigot?