And I Thought It Was Over…

Written by Scott

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Got another letter from Kenneth Cole’s Client Services Department today. Am assuming it is a result not just of the original letter, but some of the visits to the blog since the original post. If that’s the case, it is good and shows that Kenneth Cole is doing some sort of brand monitoring.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t appear the visitors read much of the post or the updates. For one, the first paragraph is word-for-word identical to the first paragraph in the initial letter. Form letters do not present a personal touch at all, nor do they contribute much in the way of what the second paragraph’s beginning: We value you as our customer and assure you that we will take every measure possible to correct the problem. Further, Nordstrom is taking care of the issue and repairing the shoes, and has been wonderful.

The issue is no longer one of the quality of the product, or of warranty, but of customer service. The fact remains that Kenneth Cole, as a company, dropped the ball in their responses.

Rather than continue sending me form letters, if anyone from Kenneth Cole wishes to contact me directly, and possibly even personally, my email is: scotters (at)

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