Disappointment with Kenneth Cole…

Written by Scott

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Late last year, I purchased a pair of Kenneth Cole shoes. By far the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever worn. Love them.

But early this year, the stitching that attaches the sole to the uppers at the toe began coming undone on one of them, then the other. (And no, my wear pattern isn’t at that end of the shoe…). The toe is slowly separating.

Nordstrom’s was no longer carrying that model, so I couldn’t just walk in and get a replacement. So I sent a letter to Kenneth Cole. Well, not to him personally, since he’s no longer the CEO. Sent to the current CEO, however…which in normal cases gets things handled far better and faster than other methods.

Got the response back yesterday. Super disappointed on a couple levels:
1. It was a form letter, not from an executive department, but from the returns department. Aside from my name and address, the only response to my letter was the first sentence about receiving it. That’s all. Not even signed by anyone. [Although I do have to point out that my name/address on the envelope was hand-written…]

2. It outlined their supposedly standard procedures for warranty returns, which include sending by Certified Mail with Return Receipt and return tracking number, as well as what I assume is a standard turn-around time of 4-6 weeks.

4-6 weeks, seriously? Are you kidding me? Like I mentioned, had Nordstrom’s still been selling that model, I would have had an immediate exchange.

Kenneth Cole Productions, you blew it.

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