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There are so many people to thank for helping get me to the funeral last week.

Many contributed monetarily, and I’d especially like to thank them by listing their name, where they heard about the need, and a link to their website/twitter/facebook account. Tell them thank you as well!

There are two that have asked to be listed anonymously. Well, one asked to be, the other is shielded in secrecy to protect his true identity. Trust me, that will make more sense in a bit.

Anonymous 1 is someone I’ve gotten to know a bit on twitter and have come to really respect more and more.

Anonymous 2 is only kind of anonymous. He goes by the screen name OnTheFringe, otherwise known as SiliconValleyCeo. He’s hilarious, someties sarcastic, but always funny, and one to learn from. Follow him on twitter at

Chan Wilson: graduated a year ahead of me in high school, and is strangest amalgamation of country boy, insanely intelligent technoguy, and juggler. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. He’s on Facebook:

Roger Culpepper: conservative, retired USAF friend from twitter.

Traber Cass: graduated high school with, and now he’s a pastor in CO. And he makes great elk and deer jerky. He’s on Facebook:

Klaudia Conradt: one of my favoritest people in real life. She’s a financial advisor with UBS.

Ann-Marie Shaffer: She’s a great homeschooling mom to 4 in FL that I follow on twitter. And another fellow conservative.

David and Cheryl Ahia: a twittering couple in CA that both JoAnn and I follow and interact quite a bit with on twitter. and

Jeremy Johnson: have to say one of the surprises from Facebook. Went to college with Jeremy. He is now a speaker for school assemblies, conferences, and events. One of the real good guys. His site:

Misty Kuhn: last name is familiar…oh, yeah…one of my sisters. 🙂 She’s on Facebook:

Kirk Parker: another person in actually know in RL. Good guy, works in software development and programming kind of stuff–that area that I avoid like the plague. Thus making for a good partnership at times.He’s on Facebook.

Lisa Russell: knows my wife in RL through our homeschooling group.Her website:

Steve and Kristan Smith: friends in RL. And they’re on FB! and

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