There and Back…Part 1

Written by Scott

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So I made it, there and back. And in between. There is so much to write about that I nearly don’t know where to start.

This trip was so many different things. If you’ve read the previous posts, you know what this trip wasn’t:

* Planned
* Expected
* Affordable

And yet I went. I don’t expect everyone to understand, but for me this journey was not just a physical one, which it certainly was. Nor was it just an emotional one, though it certainly was that. This was a spiritual journey as well.

In this first part of the series, let’s talk about the physical, shall we? It’s far easier with less to process. Which is perfect right now, since I’m quite tired.

62 hours and approximately 6154 miles (SeaTac to Dulles to BDL; BDL to Philly to SeaTac)—or, in other words, 99.25 miles per hour, even during the little sleep I had.

I met so many new people and people I’d not seen in a very long time: my long-lost sister, her 3 awesome kiddos, her significant other, my dad’s wife, my other sister, her hubby, and her now-adult son, and other various and sundry relatives, including one of the coolest and funniest 12-year old girls I’ve ever met (hi Lindsey!). And yes, I know that various and sundry are synonyms…but a person gets so few opportunities to use that word that I just had to take it.

Up next in Part 2: the emotional component of the trip. Bit more to that…

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  1. Okay Scott, get that rest and then get back on this. You have 30 minutes, rest well. (: ORobert