There and Back…Part 2

Written by Scott

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So how do I explain the emotional aspect of the trip? This seems to be the most difficult portion to describe, partly because I am still processing it all, and partly because I’m not so much the emotional type, so it is harder for me to put into words. So I will update this post throughout the day as I think of ways to describe…wish I had it all down to post at once, but it is what it is.

It was such an incredible mix of emotion…not a roller coaster, more like a blender stuck on puree. A little of everything, all at the same time.

Though there was sadness and grief that my dad had passed away, and that I didn’t get the chance to know him like I’d wished, but there was much happiness and joy that I was able to meet and begin developing some bonds with my sister and her family.

I spent hours both mornings talking with my dad’s wife, learning so much about him–things both told to me previously and not, and my presence there seemed to be comforting to her as well.

[More to be written soon…]

PS There’s a book that I am reviewing for Thomas Nelson Publishers called The Noticer (along with hundreds of other bloggers). We are all publishing the reviews on the 27th, so I can’t give too many details, but can say this: I read this book on my flight out when there was still some trepidation about the trip. It was so good I read it in under 2.5hrs, and included in the emotional portion of the trip for a reason. Tune in on the 27th for details.

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  1. G McIntosh says:

    Not like your experience but these past three weeks my niece (32 years old) just found us all (about 40 of us) family members. She was given up for adoption at birth and we always just prayed she was loved and safe. She was safe, loves her parents, and the rollercoaster of everything has been amazing to watch in my sister, her and the rest of the family. I posted most of a family scrapbook so she could see who she looked like. It was hard because I kept asking her if she was ok with all this and she just couldn't find the words. She was amazingly happy, even though she wasn't unhappy before. and God's timing was perfect for my sister, I think this saved her life. Amazing.