While the Cat’s Away…

Written by Scott

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Ok, so maybe no proverbial cats and mice, but JoAnn is off on a retreat until Sunday late afternoon/evening, leaving me with the 3 kiddos…including the very recently-weaned Joshua. So it’ll be a little more interesting than normal…

But it’s already started well. Quiet evening at home with dinner at a…ahem…more normal time, eaten and dishes done by 8. Even let them stay up until 10, since my daughter’s strangely a big fan of CSI. Sammy went to bed by himself around 9:15 or so, which is normal bedtime, and Josh crawled into my lap around that same time and shortly thereafter fell asleep on me.

Tomorrow we’re starting school earlier than normal, so that when the sun’s out and it is relatively warm, we can spend some time at the park without getting behind in school. Will also be Part 1 of me fixing JoAnn’s laptop (replacing the DC power jack, which on hers is great because it’s on a separate little daughterboard) amid other client issues. Hopefully will fit it all in!

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  1. Traber says:

    You da man! I've done that a couple times….by the time she gets back, there is no doubt that my appreciation and respect for her has increased! Probly a good little exercise and reminder for us guys now and then!