News Tribune Interview

I’m being interview by the Tacoma News Tribune later today. Apparently it’s because I’m a troublemaker. No, not really….or at least not directly. Last week they sent out an email that they were “looking to interview people who have recently been laid off or lost their job due to the recession for a series of stories”.

Of course, I replied…not because I lost my job, but because I intentionally left my job, because I saw the potential opportunity. Here’s what I wrote:

I didn’t lose my job, but instead saw the opportunity that the current economy gives…at least in the IT industry. Service companies begin to falter as cuts are made, and service levels fall. Being in the industry here in the Tacoma area for the past 10+ years, I saw that I could provide a better quality of service at a lower cost than IT service companies in the area. Rather than wait to lose my job, I cashed out my IRA and went full-time with my company in November.

Times might be tough, but small businesses find ways of surviving, innovating, and even thriving. Things are as good or as bad as you make them.

So I got called by the writer yesterday afternoon, but was at a client’s and in the middle of an issue, so we rescheduled. Will have to post the follow-up, well, after, of course. 😉