As Goes California, So Goes the Nation

Written by Scott

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The undeniable bias in public schools–especially in California–is appalling. Check out this video on things going on NOW on silencing Christians and promoting Islam in public school.


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  1. Miss Teacha says:

    I am a Christian social studies teacher. Personally, I think this video is a little extremist. i've never know a teacher to require students to quote/learn scriptures. We do read/examine as primary source to discuss the belief system, but never require the things that were presented in this video. As a world history teacher, we must teach all historical origins. How can you understand the middle east without understanding the religion that feeds into their governance/political structure? I also teach units on Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism and Hinduism. It's about understanding the culture of a region, why the people behave the way they do. Additionally, I am teaching students to be tolerant of other belief systems. It's about teaching eliminating prejudices. When most teachers approach these units, they don't attempt to proselytize or convert. When I teach, if a student asks questions involving religious beliefs, I refer them to their religious leaders. While I don't agree with these beliefs/philosophies, but I think it is important understanding today's conflicts and more about our world.