Help Name Our Baby!

Written by Scott

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Checked the app on my phone and saw that we have approximately 37 days until the baby comes. [For the record, the reason I use an app on my phone is simply that it is easier to keep track of…and frankly, there’s far too much info stuck in my head. The app provides it as a countdown, rather than having to manually counts days. Plus, there’s the whole sheer panic effect when the numbers get down…like today.]

So here’s the deal: we need ideas. Especially for first names. I’d give you the rundown on requirements for the combination of first and middle names that JoAnn has, but it’s nearly as complex as the current tax code…

I cannot guarantee the names will be used, but it may help jumpstart us with ideas. And no, naming rights are not for sale…except, perhaps, if the amount is unreasonably high.

So whaddya got?