Michael Jackson’s Death

Written by Scott

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I apparently hurt some feelings with comments on Twitter (and by proxy Facebook) about Michael Jackson’s death. I’d like to apologize, but I cannot…but I will explain better why I made the comments I did.

If we are to honor him, let’s be honest about his life rather than ignore the circus and the big elephant in the room. Yes, his music was remarkable, even revolutionary at the time. But take a look at the past 20 years: he’s lived off the marketing of his name, the music of his past, and really bad “business” loans. He’s been the poster child of the odd, freakish behavior from a lifestyle of fame and excess. And he’s done nothing with his amazing talents during that time.

If you wish to honor him, honor the music. But if you wish to honor him as a man, then you honor those other things as well, whether you mean to or not.

Some mourn him as if he was a member of the family. The first question I have is if you actually had someone in your family that lived and acted in a comparable manner as him the past 20 years–talent and fame aside–would you mourn the same way? If not, then take him off the pedestal, and give that honor to people who actually make a real difference in your lives, not some celebrity.

And my second question is this: if you mourn him as a member of your family, do you really wish to dishonor your actual family by doing so? Because by doing so, you are effectively saying that this celebrity that you likely never met, who you only know by his music from more than 20 years ago, and from the media circus that was his life, is on equal standing to those who are close to you, who impact your life on a daily basis. Is that fair to them? I don’t think it is.

Remember the music. Remember the man…but don’t ignore the truth, and don’t give him greater honor than he is due.

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  1. mom2giqm says:

    I guess that's why they rightfully call it "Idol Worship". Celebrity deaths should be a reality check for this idol-worshiping world…money, fame, fortunes, big houses, lifestyles, parties, blah blah blah…do not add 1 day to your life and may even contribute to an early demise. What you "own", the money in your bank account, your name recognition, is not what defines you in eternity. Michael Jackson and all the numerous "celebrities" who died (or will die) this year are just people. Stop worshiping other people and get back to living your life and finding out what really counts. Your eternity depends on it.

  2. walkamaya says:

    A few thoughts – 1) in 1993 I lost my mentor to cancer. That same week Micheal Jordan's dad was murdered. Micheal Jordan's dad face was every where. Why Micheal Jordan's dad? Who was he? And frankly he didn't live a great life . . . In 1993 what struck me was heroes die everyday. And we, the general public are so unaware. My pain was minor compared to the family that my mentor left behind. But I was still in pain, staring at Micheal Jordan's dad's face. I can't imagine today what a mom/dad/husband/wife is facing over her son/daughter/spouse never returning from Iraq – now looking at/listening to the hype around Michael Jackson's death. 2) For the grace of God, there go I. We all have some demon we fight. Some lose the fight, some win. And our fear drives us to watch the freaks hence why I believe why folks watch the those reality or lack of reality TV shows. 3) Music means something personal to the individual listener. Think the Beatles. Think Elvis. Think Elton John. Ignoring his life, his music spoke something to the listener. Per Steve Jones at USA Today said yesterday "Probably no celebrity has been as revered and reviled over the past 40 years as Jackson http://www.usatoday.com/life/people/2009-06-25-ja…. Another reminder that there's that fine line between crazy and brilliant. Micheal's life reminds me of OJ's life a bit. Tragic. I'm not sure I hear folks saying Micheal was wonderful (he wasn't). . . he was a very unhappy, sad person in the end.

  3. Ali says:

    Brilliant – I agree with EVERY word.

  4. JenniferG says:

    I also agree with every word. WELL SAID!