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A Bit of News

23 August 2009

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You want some news? Fine…here’s some news:I am joining the team of a non-profit doing some great work in Central America. I’ll still be State-side, developing, implementing, and maintaining a social media campaign to help raise awareness and, of course, donations. I don’t want to give away too much yet (getting website tracking analytics in […]

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My FOIA Request

18 August 2009


So today I am sending my official Freedom of Information Act request for information regarding the White House “snitch” email reporting site. By federal law, response must be made within 20 days…though it’s not exactly clear when that 20 days begins. (Our federal laws not being clear?! Who’d have thought…) Below is the letter sent, […]

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On Parenting…

17 August 2009


…and why I believe that Ezzo’s Babywise and Growing Kids God’s Way are wrong. And quite possibly evil. I was holding Maddie on my legs, feet propped up on the coffee table (sorry to upset those of you who may be more “proper”…but if one is not having coffee, what is a coffee table for?), […]

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Hey CDC: The Answer Is…

14 August 2009

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This afternoon we got a call identified as NORC U CHICAGO at 312-201-4623. Did not answer, and the following voicemail was left: (click here to download/listen). The caller identified herself as being from the CDC and asking for child and vaccination information. Appears that the call is from The National Immunization Survey, collecting information related […]

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Addendum, Part 2, to Tacoma City Council District 4

9 August 2009

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In the spirit of fairness I wanted to provide the answers from Marty Campbell to the questions posed to the campaigns. Below are the versions of the questions I sent him in regular text, with his answers in italics, and my comments in red as before. What do you consider to be the #1 issue […]

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Addendum to Tacoma City Council District 4

8 August 2009

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(previous post here)The third candidate for the 4th District, Marty Campbell, came by today. Seemed nice enough, but wanted to give him the same consideration I gave the other candidates…plus I am curious to see the responses. So emailed off the questions. Stayed tuned.

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I Turned Myself In…

5 August 2009


I was going to wait until tomorrow, but I determined I was far too dangerous to wait that long… So I turned myself into the White House. If you are not sure what I’m talking about, check it out here. The Administration of Barak Obama is asking to great citizens to snitch each other out, […]

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At A Crossroads…

5 August 2009


One of the previous posts was about my stress over finances. That stress is still there a bit, and so is the knowledge that God provides. But what is not alleviated is the fact that I am at a crossroads. Savings have dwindled down, and while my business is growing, it’s not yet where it […]

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Tacoma City Council District 4

4 August 2009

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Subtitle: Anatomy of a Response Over the past week, we’ve had two of the three candidates for Tacoma City Council District 4 come door-to-door. Both were very brief, both were essentially saying hello and handing out a pamphlet/flyer about their ideas. One was a slick, well-designed trifold pamphlet….the other a small, very basic flyer printed […]

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…In Mysterious Ways

3 August 2009


There’s been a blog post running through my mind recently that I’ve tried writing several times, but to no avail. The fact is this: I’ve been stressed about finances. Being self-employed in this economy is difficult enough, but with taking time off when Maddie was born to spend time with her and help out more […]

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