…In Mysterious Ways

Written by Scott

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There’s been a blog post running through my mind recently that I’ve tried writing several times, but to no avail. The fact is this: I’ve been stressed about finances. Being self-employed in this economy is difficult enough, but with taking time off when Maddie was born to spend time with her and help out more around the house added to that…plus did not bring in revenue. And our savings from my cashed-out IRA is dwindling away.

(To be clear, though, having my own company has been a goal of mine, and despite the added stresses, I do not regret the decision.)

So this afternoon, I get an email out of the blue from a company in California that has an office here in Tacoma. We discuss work and rates, and a short time later, I’m on the phone scheduling the work, which will be a nice chunk of time Friday…with some ongoing.

A reminder for me that I need to continue to turn my concerns and stresses over to God, and not try to take them all on myself. My strength is in Him.

PS Moments after posting this initially, I get an email about a substantial payment I’ve been waiting on. Picking up tomorrow morning!