The Healthcare Debate: I Am At a Loss

Written by Scott

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One of the arguments that has come up in the healthcare debate is this: “well, it’s better than nothing”.

For the life of me, I cannot understand the logic in this AT ALL.

Let’s say you run out of gas and are on the side of the freeway. I stop to help, you tell me you are out of gas, and in my deep concern I give you what appears to be a gas can, but has water…or kerosene…or brake fluid…or molasses in it. Is THAT really better than nothing? Will you dump it into your gas tank without even considering the effects?

If the proposed solution does not fit or address the problem, how in the world is it better than nothing?

Moreover: if so many of the people, including our supposed representatives, have not bothered to read the actual bill up for vote, why is there even a debate at all? If the President, in his “bully pulpit” or town hall meetings talks about details, platitudes, or promises that are not in the bill, then the talk of wonderful things that it COULD contain, or even SHOULD contain, don’t matter one single iota.