T-mobile Android Update FAIL…and Fix

Written by Scott

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T-mobile rolled out the Android 1.6 “Donut” update recently, and while adding a bevy of great features and improvements, caused one major issue for me. After looking into, appear that I am by no means alone in this issue, though many have had the issue since the phone initially came out.

The G1 syncs to a single Gmail account, which is my personal account. I use IMAP for my business email, and the dreaded error is upon attempting to view certain messages as they came in is “Connection Error” as the message is loaded. I was only able to deduce that–for me–the messages are ones that show as with the paper clip, but not as with attachment, but when there’s a graphic in the email. My guess is some sort of size issue. Regardless, frustrating to know that I have new emails into my business account but not being able to view them on the phone.

Workaround: set up my Gmail account to be able to send as another account (Settings>Accounts and Import), and then set it to check the other account via POP3. (And deleted the IMAP accoutn on the phone). So biz email comes into the main account, I can read, and then reply as if it was the business account. Even labels the incoming mail as work email for me…