Windows 7 Launch Party…

Written by Scott

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…and why I’m not doing one.

Windows 7 is released to the masses Friday, and to increase exposure, awareness, blah blah blah, Microsoft is having some folks do Windows 7 Launch Parties for the event.

And here’s why I would never do one, despite the fact that Win7 is a great product, and despite being a Microsoft partner: it’s the wrong stinkin’ segment!

The people attending these parties will be consumers, not business leaders. Consumers will buy whatever is installed on the computer, and in that regard they are like lemmings. But where is it Vista failed for Microsoft? With businesses. To not address that segment first and foremost is a mistake on par with letting your marketing department run the company. But that is an entirely different story, that one.

Microsoft, you blew it with these Launch Parties. Luckily, Win7 is a great product and you’ll get away with it this time. But come on, wake up…

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  1. I never thought about that — good point!