Helping the Lakewood Officers’ Families

Written by Scott

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Donations are being accepted at the following places:
1. Lakewood Police Independent Guild website
2. Forza Coffee Company‘s website
3. Any Forza location (list)
4. The Schooner Pub & Eatery in Lakewood is having a benefit fundraiser Thursday at 7pm.
5. Varsity Grill and Sweets, Treats & Designs have teamed up, selling chocolate shields…with a goal of raising $10,000. Each shield is just $5!
6. Papa John’s locations in King, Kitsap and Pierce county will donate 100% of their profits from Tuesday, December 8th and Wednesday the 9th to the families of the four slain Lakewood police officers.

Follow developments on twitter (@scotters and hashtag of #WAShooting). If there are any events that I’ve missed, please email me so I can update.

Special thanks to Michelle Malkin for picking this up and linking to this post on her blog and on twitter. If you would be willing to link to this post from your blog, it would be greatly appreciated.

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