Homeschool Updates…

Written by Scott

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…be prepared, since there will likely be several posted Thursday, Friday, and maybe even over the weekend. JoAnn’s off to a retreat, so I’ll be working from home much of Thursday and all of Friday (or at least trying to, and at the bare minimum, pretending to). Will be just me and the three oldest. [Strangely enough, writing that last bit felt kinda strange…guess we do now have a “large” family, eh?]

Oh, plus I’ll be starting Joshie on potty training during that time…and Sammy is testing for brown belt Saturday.

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  1. TurtleOak says:

    Brave man – potty training while home alone w/ three kiddos and trying to get work done – either brave or a bit crazy 🙂

  2. Cheri says:

    I vote for a bit crazy…

  3. Potty training ?!? (goes pale)You brave man you. I failed. Totally.In the end my Italian MIL used her tried and tested method. She bribed him ….. with money. And it wasn't all coins either.I'm not sure which is worse. That I failed, that she succeeded (and has never let me, or the rest of Lombardia, forget it) or that I let her use that method.Let us speak of this no more.(draws veil over parental inadequacy with a sniffle)