KFC: Now Serving Crack!

Written by Scott

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Ok, so this isn’t necessarily a function of the franchise. But Halloween evening we were at the KFC at 80th and Pacific, leaving around 5:30. Walking out to the van, I noticed a car pull up to another vehicle that was parked in the lot (parked back-in)–it’s a small lot, and we were maybe 25 ft away. The interaction was immediately suspicious. Anyway, it was a way-too-obvious drug deal. Drugs palmed in left hand, hands on drivers door in the open window, money placed into right hand.

It may be good that the fam was with me, otherwise I may have done something a bit more obvious. As it was, the seller noticed I was occasionally glancing, and after than transaction, and as he left the lot (and even as he turned into the street), he was watching me. Like I said, was probably good the family was with me.

As it turned out, before he left we quietly and as stealthily as possible got the license plate number and vehicle description, and JoAnn walked it into the manager. Hopefully he did something with it. If not, what I recall from memory is that it was a white Jeep Grand Cherokee, license plate starts with 225.

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