I Used to Respect Liberals…

Written by Scott

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Back in 2003, I was involved in a conservative counter-protest group whose purpose was to attend–and counter-protest–some of the local leftist “peace” protests at the time. There were two instances where I gained a lot of respect for a certain strain of liberal…the ones who actually stood by their principles.

One was a man who I had some really good back-and-forth email discussions with–he was involved with a group that had been to Iraq for humanitarian missions prior to the war. Even though I disagreed with some of his political statements and conclusions, he lived his beliefs. I respected that.

The other wasn’t a particular person, but several that were at a particular Greenlake protest in Seattle. We’d gone to counter-protest, and at one point were close to getting attacked by a good number of lefties, even though all we were doing was standing to the side with our signs of differing opinion. What stopped it from happening? A handful of people from the protest who were actually peaceful. That I respect.

But where have these liberals gone? Where were they when Helen Thomas declared that “Not Even Nixon Tried to Control the Media Like Obama”? Where were they when Obama didn’t close Gitmo within the year as he promised? Where were they when military tribunals were chosen as the preferred method of dealing with Gitmo detainees…just like Bush? Where were they when the Patriot Act was renewed? Where were they when withdrawal of troops from Iraq didn’t begin in any real fashion? Why are they not protesting en masse?

Where are those true liberals these days, fighting against government corruption and abuse of power? I miss them. This country misses them. And even if I disagree with some of their beliefs, this country needs them.

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  1. Scott Roche says:

    There are liberals and conservatives out there worth respecting. As a liberal (skewing more moderate the older I get) I find that yeah there are decisions that Obama is making that I wish he wouldn't. I criticize him for those things. I also don't hold him solely responsible any more than I held Bush solely responsible for the stuff that happened under his administration. The whole political system is screwed up and I don't know that it's fixable at this point. Makes me sad.

  2. You are so on the money with this post. I too have had interactions with Liberals I truly respect for standing up for their beliefs. As a former high school teacher- i met many young people who tended towards the left. Many were quite active in the local political scene.I track many of them down now via twitter and they do not say a thing. I also somewhat agree with the idea we need both sides to make the system work. However, I am also starting to see that a 3rd and or 4th party may hold some promise.I have ideals I hold tight to. I want a party that truly represents me!Love the blog- keep posting!!