The Tiger Woods Drama

Written by Scott

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A post on the Huffington Post that was retweeted this morning got me riled up a bit. Mainly because it seems so far off base. The article seemed to imply that we should feel sorry for Tiger, almost to the point of him being a victim.

The truth is Tiger Woods was nothing but another selfish, money-and-power-can-buy anything celebrity. No excuses or reasoning will change the fact that he CHOSE to do what he did. No amount of equivocating, spin, defending by The Huffington Post, or generalizing as “transgressions” will change that…HE did this to himself. He’s no victim at all.

As for our fascination with it, I find it completely repugnant. And a waste of time for the media to cover…but because we’ve become such a consumer-driven society, these sorts of things sell, even if it places major media on nearly the same level of The National Enquirer.

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  1. he is a victim- of himself. It shows you how people get to the point of feeling untouchable. The media loves blood.As much as I have lost respect for him- i can not imagine how it will be for his children as they grow up and have to see what their father did while they were so young.