TIL: Short-Term Memory

Written by Scott

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Got a reminder–and a laugh–this morning in today’s devotions. Was from Habakkuk, a book that is deep and meaningful…and that makes me laugh. The laughter comes from college, where I prepared and delivered a sermon on the book. The laugh some from remembering how I began the sermon…with a very loud, anguished yell of “WHY????”. Got their attention, that did.

But the book is a reminder that we don’t necessarily see God at work in things, but he is. It’s a reminder I need often, especially in this adventure of self-employment. Despite God providing each month, I somehow seem to forget this around the middle each month when I look at the numbers of what invoices to clients are outstanding. I do a little mini freak-out, then remember that I invoice out contracted clients on the 20th, which bumps the numbers up.

My short-term memory is fortunately buffered by the reality of God’s provision, just as Habakkuk was reminded of God’s sovereign power. We all need reminding of his goodness every once in a while…that’s something I’ve learned.

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