Two Things I Used To Like

Written by Scott

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Howie Long and GM.

But with the recent pairing of them in car commercials recently, I am liking both less and less.

GM: Your commercials state “may the best car win”. If you truly believed that your vehicles were better, you would not have been in the financial mess you were and are in, and you certainly would not have needed–or taken–bailout funds. The fact is that your cars are not, and were not.

And the fact that you are using our borrowed, mortgaging-our-children tax dollars to promote your vehicles is beyond infuriating for millions of us. We also have long memories, and I for one will never buy a GM vehicle again.

Howie: you were a phenomenal player, and a great broadcaster. I really like you in that setting. But please realize what you are associating yourself with. This is hurting your reputation.