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Written by Scott

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Received a pair of tickets for Christmas for my oldest son and me to see Avatar in 3D at IMAX in Seattle, and just returned from there this afternoon.

Short form review: Simply amazing. Sets a new bar for cinematography. Fairly predictable plot, but that is easily forgiven because of how well the rest is done.

Longer form review: It was truly amazing to experience this created world and become so immersed in it that it becomes closer to reality than anything ever experienced before in a theater. IMAX may have added some to it…the 3D definitely did.

There is a thread in the movie that some have complained about being too much on the environmentalism bandwagon. As a conservative libertarian here’s what I say to that: I had absolutely no issue with the portrayal in the movie. At all. As a matter of fact, I think it was spot-on and maybe even a bit of a wake-up call to what we are doing on our own planet.

Ironically, I saw it in Seattle where despite all the so-called liberals, it is still a mass of tree-cleared concrete, asphalt, metal and wood. We clear land in order to build things that we later tear down and build again, using even more natural resources in doing so. We buy and build ever-bigger houses and larger plots of land in order to have more space to store our accumulation of material possessions. Or to impress each other. Then we do it all over again.

But back to the movie: it was stunning. Go see it, because your home TV won’t do justice to it. Not even those of you with 52″ LCDs.

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  1. TurtleOak says:

    did it make you at all nauseous? Bryn and I had moments (okay – it lasted the whole movie for me) where we felt that way and had to take our 3D glasses off at times.

  2. Scott says:

    Not nauseous…but there were definitely times were it felt like *I* was the one moving!