Healthcare: Where is the Church?!

Written by Scott

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With the healthcare debate going on and votes on the compromise bill coming soon, I’ve been wondering where is the Church?

Are we so concerned about possible abortion funding that we are missing the (much) bigger picture? I’m not saying that shouldn’t be a concern–it should–but consider this: what if congregations–even denominations–joined together to purchase healthcare for congregants who did not have coverage? Imagine the buying power that even a small congregation could have, considering the size of most small businesses. Would that not be a better use of shared resources than a large, overly-beautiful building, or gazillions of “programs” of churches?

Just thinking out loud…join me. What are your thoughts?

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  1. Yo Cuz says:

    I've often wondered the same thing myself. Group healthcare via church roots certainly could/would have the numbers.

  2. I agree with you, Scott. Which is why we participate in Samaritan Ministries ( Each month, I send a check to a family who has healthcare need. They spend it to pay for that care. I also send them a note of encouragement and my family prays for them.I am tired of hearing about how awful it is that so many (fill in the blank: children, families, et. al.) don't have insurance. And how we need to make sure the government provides insurance for them. NO! Everybody doesn't need insurance! They need ASSURANCE that God will supply all of their needs.We all (point several fingers back at myself) need to stop worrying about our own needs and "What will happen if some major catastrophe befalls us?"God owns the cattle on a thousand hills and can supply every need I have. He works all things to the good of those who love Him: that includes health issues! What He asks me to do is take what He has given me as my portion for THIS day (my DAILY bread), give thanks for it, then open my hands an offer it to those who don't have as much.

  3. Cindy C. says:

    I agree, but we tried to sign up for one of those parachurch helps, too, and were denied. My daughter has epilepsy, Chiari I malformation and kidney/UT malformation. I have some issues myself. We were not healthy enough to be able to participate. DH & I were discussing this at great length a while back. I agree w/everything you've said (and Jim Bob Howard, too) but when the Christian community who says they will support other Christian's, actually won't, that breaks my heart. DH lost his job a year before dd (5 at the time) was diagnosed w/all her issues. We were forced to put the kids on state aid. I don't like it, if I could do anything else, I would, but we trust God DAILY to bring what we need. Her meds alone are $300/mos. Add in MRI's, visits, etc…we have no insurance. So…what do you do?