TIL: Perception ISN’T King

Written by Scott

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I’ve been on this cycle before: gained weight during JoAnn’s pregnancy with Mikaela, then lost it. Gained during JoAnn’s pregnancy with Sammy, then lost it. Gained during pregnancy with Joshie, and initially had lost a good portion of it, but then changed jobs to one that had me at a desk for far too much, and sunk that battleship. Then came Madelynn…didn’t gain much…which is good, since I still had the weight gained from the pregnancy with Joshie.

But with having launched out with my own business and the added stress and less opportunity to do anything about the weight, the weight has stayed too long, like that unwelcome guest that just won’t take a clue.

Unlike having the unwelcome guest, I’m about to get rude. I recently saw a picture taken during Christmas–and this is where the title comes in–where I realized that even though I wear the extra weight relatively well, I looked plain old fat. Not a pleasant thing to see. Perception isn’t king…reality is.

Since then, some things have changed…am already down about 5lbs, thanks to some small changes to eating habits. But even better, Sammy’s taekwondo dojong is moving…right near a small gym with good rates. So once the move is complete, I can start working out while he is in class, which is 8-10+ hrs a week. Unfortunately, the membership is money we don’t have right now, but will have to think of it as a really, really good investment…which it will be.

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