You Want Healthcare Reform? Here it is…

Written by Scott

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My wife and I are what the President would call the uninsured. We’ve done this partly out of necessity (as my business builds) and partly out of economic common sense. Let me explain that last part: going without insurance is a risk, but we are relatively healthy and young. Relatively. But consider this recent–and quite true–scenario:

She’d been sick with a cold-like thing and running a fever off-and-on (mostly on) for like 6 days. She felt both an ear and possible sinus infection were coming into play, so she went to the doctor, and paid cash.
Chiropractor (back/neck hurt as well): $30
Visit: $84
Lab work: $10.40
Medicine: $8.42 (after price-shopping pharmacies…hint: go to Costco)
Total: $132.82

Now, we could be paying close to $300 $376 a month, each and every month. For each of us.

Take control of your own healthcare–rather than relying on the government. That’s a change to believe in.