Living By Quotes

Written by Scott

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Recently had a bit of a conversation on Facebook with someone who shall remain fairly anonymous–but let’s say this: the person was someone of relative influence at a large Christian school in the area. The conversation started because of a quote he posted:

The Best Way To Predict The Future Is To Create It.” Peter F Drucker

It’s one of those quotes that sounds nice as a sound byte. But it leaves out something, which I pointed out in my response:

…except that by creating your future, you would be, by definition, excluding God. His ways and plans are far better than ours.

I intentionally goaded with this comment because he is part of a large Christian school and church. But the truth is there. If we create our own future, it leaves no room for God. But the defensiveness started with his response (and rather than typing [sic] throughout responses, I’ll just quote and leave at that):

Your reading to much into it Scott. Basically, meaning you need to br proactice with your future rather, than reactive. We know God’s always the center and the creator.

My response is along the lines of: really? The quote says that?:

Reading too much into it? Was taking the quote purely at face value…I may know God is at the center, as may you, but the quote says nothing to that affect. The quote then is misleading at best, and superficial at the least.

But the defensiveness continued, and perhaps I deserved it…but not really. My criticisms were of the quote, not the person posting it. And I think the criticisms of it are spot-on…we live too much in a world where people seem bent on living on glib little sayings rather than living life as real people dealing with real issues and real people. Faith is a part of that, and must be real as well.

Your making a mountain out of a mole hill, to be honest. A quote is what you get out of it from your perspective and world view. As a Jesus person (My Perspective & World View), I understand the quote and what it mean to my life from my perspective. That is how I apply it. You have your opinion and I have mine.

What do you think? Leave comments….

I do have to take issue with part of that last comment: a quote isn’t at all something we can take our “worldview” and wrap around it to interpret however we want…a quote is what it is, and it is only the person’s own worldview and actual words that give the meaning to the quote.

PS Learn to have a healthy distrust for people who say or write the phrase “to be honest”. Words matter.