Trained by TSA?!

Written by Scott

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Odd thing about going to court yesterday, aside from actually having any need to go to court, that is: there was a screener from the Puyallup Police Department and metal detector that persons seeking entry to the courtrooms had to pass. In this day and age, expected, right?

But here’s the thing: we were asked to pass over the counter our jackets, and there were the little plastic bins for keys, etc…then go through metal detector. Not problem there, though there was apparently some sort of metal in my shoes that I was unaware of (oddly enough, seemed the wand scanner started screeching at my knees…and these are my original knees, minus the removed tumor on the left knee).

And then handed my jacket. Unscanned. With all kinds of metal things and several sets of keys. That I then put back on and wore into the courtroom. Methinks some policies are made by idiots…

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