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Knowing When to Fight

26 March 2010

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Many years ago I was going through a rough couple years with difficult times at both work and in our marriage. I was stressed, and one of (the many) things that stressed me the most was that there were all kinds of insinuations and even flat-out accusations about me and my actions…directed both at me […]

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What’s Your Parenting Style?

25 March 2010

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While this topic is something I’ve thought often about over the past 10 years or so, deciding to post something about it is due in part to Mocha Dad, who wrote about the subject recently in a post called Parenting By the Book or By Instinct. (It’s a good post…you should hop over and read. […]

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Modularize Legislation!

24 March 2010

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Three of the biggest issues with the healthcare bill were that 1) it was gigantic, and 2) it was overly-encompassing, and 3) it was not at all bi-partisan. I know, some people have the idea that the majority party should be able to push through whatever they want, regardless of the outcome. A problem with […]

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Explaining “That Which I Can Now Tell You”

24 March 2010


Ok…so many of you have followed mention (mainly on twitter) what was formerly known as “that which I cannot yet tell”. Well, now I can, though not under the circumstances I’d wanted. Before I do that, though, a quick word in case clients other than those who I had confided in and who had helped […]

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Census Reminder

24 March 2010

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We got a little postcard from the Census Bureau yesterday reminding us to complete and send back the form. Haven’t done that yet. Kinda want to write on the postcard “Was just testing what you claimed on the TV commercials about not being able to move forward until we return it…” and send the postcard […]

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Exemptions from Healthcare Plan

22 March 2010


In the quest for actual answers, I just sent the following off to Senator Patty Murray’s office: I am reading through the healthcare bill, but am not sure that I’m clear about the section: EXEMPTIONS FROM INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY REQUIREMENTS. It seems to indicate the categories of potential exemptions, but does not seem clear as to […]

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King County Executive Dow Constantine

20 March 2010

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This post is really a test of sorts. It was brought to my attention that some members of the King County staff are very active in…shall we say…protecting the name and reputation of King County Executive Dow Constantine when there is any sort of criticism of him on blogs. I’ve never met him, so I […]

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Food, Inc. Review

19 March 2010


Watched Food, Inc. tonight after wife and daughter had watched last night. I have to say upfront that I was cynical before watching it, thinking it was going to be along the lines of a Michael Moore “documentary” where tidbits of truth were enclosed in large volumes of commentary, opinion, and falsehoods. I was shocked […]

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It Never Hurts To Ask…

17 March 2010

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Our bread machine died. We’ve had for quite some time, and use if often, especially with Maddie’s dairy allergy…since virtually no store-bought bread is dairy-free…and those that are are WAY too expensive (for a loaf of bread). But let me back up. The machine didn’t really die. There’s a piece that comes up through the […]

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Another Curious Census Statement

17 March 2010

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Since the previous Census post garnered some level of Department of Justice interest, I might as well take advantage of it. I’ve been thinking about the race questions more, so went back to the official Constituent FAQ from the Census Bureau, and found this statement: Information on race is required for many federal programs and […]

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