Food, Inc. Review

Written by Scott

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Watched Food, Inc. tonight after wife and daughter had watched last night. I have to say upfront that I was cynical before watching it, thinking it was going to be along the lines of a Michael Moore “documentary” where tidbits of truth were enclosed in large volumes of commentary, opinion, and falsehoods.

I was shocked on many levels…the first being maybe a little different than many people. See, I grew up in the country, on a farm in Montana…and frankly it never occurred to me that animals and food would be raised in such a way as shown in the film. It was personally disturbing. But with these four or five huge conglomerate corporations operating a near monopoly on our food supply, the corporate “efficiencies” make these things a reality.

The other main disturbing thing is the high level of corruption between the government bodies that are supposed to be protecting our food supply (mainly the FDA) and these corporations. For decades, there have been revolving doors between the two…with senior people of the corporations becoming enforcers of the policy. It has led to a culture in which these corporations control more and more, and our food supply gets less and less safe.

In government and in controversies such as what is shown in Food, Inc…there’s a common mantra: don’t believe what they say but follow the money. Our food is no longer viewed as food, but as an industry…a very powerful, very corrupt, very frightening industry.

You’ll have to see the film to understand. As an aside, WA State is not one of the 13 states that have a “veggie libel” law the film describes…so feel free to use your Constitutional rights to criticize these companies. [As an example of the power of these companies, here’s a sentence from the Wikipedia article linked:

Many of the food-disparagement laws establish a lower standard for civil liability and allow for punitive damages and attorney’s fees for plaintiffs alone, regardless of the case’s outcome.

That alone shows some sort of insane corruption: a law that protects food produces against libel, but goes so far as to slant it with LOWER standards for liability (less they have to prove) and concludes before any sort of trial at all that only the defense can be awarded damages and attorney’s fees?!

Watch the film. Seriously.

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  1. I ordered it yesterday as JoAnn's post about it on fb reminded me how much I wanted to see it. I have already talked to dh about changes as I knew about many things in the movie. I am aiming to do lots of research in April and hopefully start major changes in May. Yes, the gov't/corporation connection is huge.

  2. Sean says:

    Between 'Food Inc.' and 'King Corn' my wife and I have chosen to move to only organic, locally grown beef. We're looking into finding a good local farm to buy our pork from as well. I too am generally skeptical of this kind of film, but these were so well done – and so matter-of-factly – that it was hard to deny the truths being displayed.