It Never Hurts To Ask…

Written by Scott

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Our bread machine died. We’ve had for quite some time, and use if often, especially with Maddie’s dairy allergy…since virtually no store-bought bread is dairy-free…and those that are are WAY too expensive (for a loaf of bread).

But let me back up. The machine didn’t really die. There’s a piece that comes up through the bread pan that the kneading blade goes onto. Underneath the bread pan where that piece connects and is held in place…that’s what broke.

And to me, it was a big shame to have this fairly large machine that worked, but couldn’t be used. So I contacted Sunbeam’s customer service to see if those pieces could be replaced.

Lo and behold, not only are they able to be replaced, Sunbeam is sending them to me…free of charge. Sunbeam…FTW!

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