Knowing When to Fight

Written by Scott

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Many years ago I was going through a rough couple years with difficult times at both work and in our marriage. I was stressed, and one of (the many) things that stressed me the most was that there were all kinds of insinuations and even flat-out accusations about me and my actions…directed both at me and told to other people about me, including, as I later found out, clients.

No amount of explaining, no amount of evidence to the contrary seemed to matter, and it ate away at me for a long time. But at some point I realized an important truth: it wasn’t my fight.

That’s right: it wasn’t my fight. Some people simply aren’t interested in the truth.

So what did I do? Stopped fighting it. Sure, I kept the evidence (especially when I left that job…boy did I ever). But I stopped fighting it.

What good does that do, you ask? Simple: if you know the truth, it truly can set you free. And prove you right. As it turned out, clients, for the most part, saw through the misinformation at the time they were told or as the company fell apart in the months after I left.

(No, I do not take full credit for that, but I was the first of the longtime, trusted employees that left, and opened the floodgates. The business closed its doors for good in a little over 2 years after I left…and this was a business that had been profitable and growing most of its 20 years–and the years it wasn’t growing, it was still profitable).

Was I perfect? A resounding no. Were there things I would change? Absolutely. But when faced with the criticisms, accusations, and lies…I knew the truth. Ultimately, that is what matters.

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