Modularize Legislation!

Written by Scott

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Three of the biggest issues with the healthcare bill were that 1) it was gigantic, and 2) it was overly-encompassing, and 3) it was not at all bi-partisan.

I know, some people have the idea that the majority party should be able to push through whatever they want, regardless of the outcome. A problem with that idea is that it rarely if ever reflects public opinion or beliefs (regardless of party in power).

As someone of the conservative/libertarian persuasion, I propose a solution–a single solution–to each of those three issues. And the solution is this: modularize legislation. Break bills down into small parts that ACTUALLY relate to each other, rather than these massive, overbearing, overreaching, pork-filled bills…and let each stand on its own merits with a real up-or-down vote. Amendments would either not be necessary or would be required to be attached to bills to which they are actually related.

Here’s what that could have done for healthcare: those parts where there was agreement between parties…they would have passed with broad support. As it is, though, the bill got jam-packed with all kinds of unneeded parts. powers, and bureaucracy, and was only pushed through with massive backdoor deals.

You tell me…which is the more transparent government, this or what was promised to us?

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