What Am I, Some Sort of Activist?!

Written by Scott

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[First part of the story, Why Government Agencies Need a Social Media Policy…]

Had a good talk with the Community Relations Manager for the City of Tacoma regarding the previous post and the events surrounding it in November. As it turns out, my initial email to my then-Councilman had more effect than I would have ever guessed…and appears I was not the only one to voice my concerns about the comments. Perhaps not so coincidentally, the current version of the City’s social media policy was revised in November.

Tacoma’s use of social media, like most government agencies and a vast majority of companies, is in flux. Incidences like the exchange in November are–unfortunately–inevitable, but help to form a the working policy. Now that I’ve read it, it is a decent policy…

So there you have it…some facets and policies of government can be changed.

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