WA State Dept of Licensing Fraud

Written by Scott

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We got a renewal notice for the tabs on one of our vehicles today from the Dept of Licensing. Frankly, I’m curious how they can do what they did on the form without it being fraud.

And I’m even talking about how the legislature did an end-around on the $30 tabs initiative years ago. No, this might actually be worse, despite our bill being, oh, more than three times that amount. No, this is even more sneaky.

In the details of the amount due, it lists a $5 optional state parks donation. However, that $5 is automatically included in the total amount. People need to actually deduct that optional $5, not optionally add it.

$5 may not be that big of a deal, but to automatically add it into a total is fraudulent, akin to your server at a restaurant automatically adding a 30% gratuity to the total without telling you. (And in keeping with the analogy, having extremely poor service). Millions of people will renew their tabs and not look at the details at all, and just pay that total. That’s underhanded. Truly underhanded. Disgusting.

On behalf of the millions of people who will be taken by this scam, I believe I’ll deduct not only my $5, but say the $5 of another 500,000 people. I’ll expect that refund within 10 days.

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  1. I noticed that too when I recently renewed my tabs. I opted to NOT donate $5. That's a latte. I can't spare that. Shooot. lol<3 Betsy

  2. Keim says:

    I am generally in favor of supporting state parks (But don't get me started on user fees-If my tax dollars are used to run it, why do I have to pay a fee to use it?). Anyhow, I'm with Scott. This approach is underhanded.

  3. just had the same pleasure – was outraged and shocked and also not shocked – seems like the older i get the more used to their tricks and lies and i get – which is really kinda sad.