Giant Magnet

Written by Scott

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Despite my ongoing attempts at avoid Seattle at all costs, JoAnn was recently contacted (because of her blog) by the Giant Magnet organization and we were invited to the by-invite-only opening last night. And thus my track record of avoiding Seattle failed yet again.

The opening including abbreviated acts by some of the performers of this almost week-long event. And even though I still prefer to avoid Seattle when I can…I have to say it was well worth the visit. (And not even for the free food after the opening, which we did not partake in because it was already getting late and we needed to get the kiddos home). So if you have some time this week–or weekend–get up to Seattle Center to check it out.
The first act was Jamie Adkins. He is hilarious…and Joshie, our 3yr old, was cracking up the entire time! The people around us seemed to be getting a kick out of him enjoying it as well.
But the real winner with the kids was Black Violin. If you’ve never heard of them–or heard them–you need to. They are a group out of Miami whose two central figures are classically-trained musicians, and they blend classical music (via violin and viola), with hip-hop, jazz, and funk. And I love me the blending of classical with other genres…especially groups like Trans-Siberian Orchestra, which does it with rock. They were awesome.
As an aside, both of these acts are also coming to Tacoma Monday (scroll to bottom on link for times).

Why do I avoid Seattle? Illustration: we’d parked in one of the Seattle Center parking garages, and when leaving, as soon as we stepped into the parking garage, we saw a car that had been broken into–glass everywhere. As we walked toward our car on same level, we saw the security truck coming through, so made sure to ask them if they’d seen it. They had, and told us about three others in a different direction. A few feet more towards our car, we saw yet another, and directed them to it. Our wasn’t broken into, but it was obvious that someone–or a group of people–had essentially ransacked the parking garage while the event was going on. Yes, I realize it’s not necessarily indicative of Seattle, Seattle Center, or Giant Magnet…but I’m sure none of that mattered to the 5 (or likely more) families whose night was ruined.

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