Political Posturing…on Display

Written by Scott

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The below is the recorded podcast of the Frank Shiers show from yesterday. Move the slider to a little before the 10:00 minute mark (remaining time–intro is about 11:00 minute mark, but then there’s a commercial). Anyway…this is Tacoma City Councilman Ryan Mello defending the AZ resolution before the Council.

More audio at MyNorthwest.com

What you are going to hear is very…interesting. And very telling.

1. You are going to hear Councilman Mello be very dismissive, insulting, and condescending. Perhaps this isn’t a surprise, but I don’t know him.
2. He talks about wanting people to really “dig into” his resolution, yet he hasn’t taken the time to do the same on the AZ resolution. He’s more interested in political grandstanding, it appears.
3. He dismisses polls and tallies of the calls and emails that he and other councilmembers have received, claiming he doesn’t govern by polls. Yet the citizens of Tacoma are calling, emailing, and writing letters.
4. The funniest and perhaps most telling: he talks about the “people of Tacoma hire me to do my work and dig deep and…” (I stopped transcribing the quote there because it was just more nonsense that followed). He was APPOINTED, not elected.

Councilman Mello: you ARE responsible to Tacoma citizens…the question is are you listening?

PS Spread this interview. Tacoma needs to know how condescending some of its “leaders” are. Link is at http://mynorthwest.com/?nid=577&a;=17535&p;=&n;

PPS I’ve just sent off an email to Councilman Mello asking for a response to this post. Will post the email tomorrow and response if/when I receive.

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