Public School Nonsense

Written by Scott

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In case you’ve been living in a cave, you probably know about the kids in the Bay Area that got kicked out of school for wearing American flag T-shirts on Cinco de Mayo. The story is here.

Silly, is it not? Especially when you consider that Cinco de Mayo is barely even a holiday in Mexico…because frankly, is there really that much to celebrate when you beat the French. I mean, really?

So what’s the issue? It’s simple, really: this incident is a microcosm of the issues at public schools. Schools are overly administrator-heavy (check the budgets along those lines too), and those administrators, well, they often like to go on power trips that often aren’t supported by school or district policy, and usually aren’t supported by any kind of logic or basis in facts. Just like this event.

And people still wonder why homeschooling is a growing movement?! At this point I could honestly take my kids out and take the great challenge of educating my children myself. After all with how much information is available on the internet with the right research, looking to properly educate your kids from home is starting to get a lot easier. There are many reasons the movement is growing. I might even start to look at this great article from Writey on homeschooling as well as other blogs and resources that may help me sway my mind. It would definitely be more beneficial for my children I believe, but there’s also more to consider.

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