Sammy’s New Taekwondo Dojang

Written by Scott

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We are very happy with the new dojang we found for Sammy. But before I can tell why, I have to explain what went wrong with the previous one.

Sammy initially began at the previous dojang 2.5 years ago. It was his–and our–first experience. It was basically just down the street, making it very convenient, and initially he was allowed unlimited hours. He got into it so much that at one point he was averaging 10 hours a week.
Over time, things changed. Lots of things. Granted, a business has every right to change policies, move, whatever they deem necessary. Frankly, they have every right to make whatever changes they want for whatever reason. However…the buyers of the products or services have every right to question and to criticize when it affects them. Boiled down, that’s what happened.
Over time, some classes were removed and times were changed. Then they moved about 20 minutes away and in very poor fashion (not informing parents whose children didn’t come regularly or who were taking a break), and then did not open back up in the timeframe I was personally told. There are many details I’m omitting…but we grew frustrated, despite having had discussions in the past about our frustrations. And I’d simmered enough over that period of time, and after the 2nd week (of 3 weeks total) of the new “leadership” class (high-belts only) allowing certain low belts to be in class, Sammy and I left during class. We walked out. And then later that night I sent off an email about my frustration.
The email wasn’t replied to for 3 days, and wasn’t particularly well-received. Sudden it became an issue of “respect”–this from a 20-something braggart. Rather than address my concerns, it came across not just defensive, but almost an attack. And the email ended with what appeared to be a decision to essentially expel Sammy.
I apologized for it coming across as disrespectful–though did state I’d addressed to him, not the Master. I restated my concerns, though, as legitimate concerns. Again the email was not responded to for 3 days, and suddenly the tone shifted. But in the meantime we had found the new dojang and I’ve not responded, no do I plan to respond. The lack of attendance–and our money–shall speak clearly enough.
But back to the comparison. I’d come across this new dojang’s name, and went to their website. I emailed to ask about transferring and expressed our concern in finding a dojang where Sammy wouldn’t lose his belt standing or could test into a belt. Within hours I got a call from the Master, followed by an email after our conversation, and the next day took Sammy to a trial class at the dojang. What a refreshing much so that I’d tweeted during the class that I felt like the hour there was at the level of 1.5 hours at the old dojang. The way the class was handled was fast-paced with lots of energy, disciplined, and the Master was extremely encouraging to the kids. I didn’t wait to sign Sammy up–even did so without talking to JoAnn first. (And yesterday she went to class too and saw the difference)
Turns out that the Master is also a pastor, and the dojang has some plaques in it in both Korean and English that have Scripture on them, so that was neat to see as well. I do not thing we’ll have issues of trust here…I am very impressed, and very thankful we found this dojang.

And for other CVA families, we’re working on convincing him of the benefits of becoming a CBI. 😉

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  1. Glad to hear you found a better place for Sammy – and so sorry to hear things got worse at the other place since we'd left!